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At-home Tooth Whitening Options

Whitening formulas are designed to penetrate the enamel on the teeth and remove the yellowish stains that many people have. These stains are left behind by numerous types of food, drinks and even some medications. Cigarettes are another contributor to discolored teeth. Once the stains are set into the enamel, traditional toothpastes are not able to remove them effectively. To brighten the teeth again requires using special whitening treatments.

Many people choose to have their teeth whitened by their dentist. Dental practices offer the service in a couple of different ways. They can provide gel bleaches that are done at home, following their instructions. This method requires the user to perform the treatment several times, similar to the methods used by other commercial whiteners. It can be messy and time consuming. Some dentists also offer an instant laser whitening that is safe and fast. Both methods are very effective, but they can also be very expensive too.

Commercial whiteners come in many forms. There are whitening mouth rinses and toothpastes, gel strips and trays and even whitening pens. The level of improvement they offer will vary depending on how often they are used, how yellow the teeth are when the treatment begins and how reliable the product actually happens to be. Again, these methods can be too expensive for people on a tight budget to afford.

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Finally, there are home remedies. Of all of the methods available, using baking soda is the most commonly known. There are many reasons people should consider using this method to whiten their teeth. Baking soda is very inexpensive, it is safe to use and it will not cause the teeth to become oversensitive the way commercial whiteners may.

The website,… offers a lot of information about using baking soda to whiten teeth, why it works and how to use it. It also explains why this may not be the best method of at-home tooth whitening available. There are other methods, and they can also be done on a budget. To learn more about these options and to discover why everyone should want a bright, white smile, visit here.

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